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Having urinary problem with you pets?
Here is the solution.

Carpon 60Tabs

Urinary acidifier, for treatment and prevention of struvite crystals of cats and dogs.

Product Description

A Natural Acidifier for Struvite Treatment and Prevention

Magnesium ammonium phosphate is a mineral compound found in alkaline urine of some canines and felines. This compound initially in crystal form, which in time, can coalesce to form bladder stones. This mineral is often referred to as struvite. The condition in females of both species and male canines tend to be less severe than in male cats. The crystals, in male cats, can cause an obstruction in the tiny urethra thereby disabling urine flow that can lead to uremia and possibly death if the obstruction is not surgically removed.

Carpon Tablets is derived from vaccinium macrocarpon, a member of the cranberry family and has been found, clinically, to render alkaline urine acidic (pH 6.0 to 6.5) which will dissolve the crystals within five hours after being administered orally. During this five hour window, the struvite crystals dissolve and maintaining the treatment protocol will prevent future formation of the struvite crystals.

Due to size and density of struvite bladder stones, Carpon therapy is not recommended, the stones must be surgically removed. Post surgery, Carpon Tablets can be administered for preventing crystal formation.

Carpon for Canines

Though, not as prevalent as in felines, canines are also susceptible to struvite. Most often they occur as bladder stones and due to their size and density, they must be surgically removed. However, upon the surgical removal, Carpon administered daily, will prevent a recurrence and further expensive surgical procedures. As with felines, should there be only struvite crystals, Carpon will dissolve the crystals in a matter of hours.

The cause for struvite formation in bladder urine is not known, however it is known that there is an inability for some canines and felines to maintain magnesium ammonium phosphate in soluble form. This translates into these pets having to be maintained on a urinary acidifier their entire lives.

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